About us

The increase in video recording technology has led to a shift in the way casting professionals are undertaking auditions. In house castings are increasingly being replaced with self-tape auditions which can be done as easily as from your mobile phone!

Self-taping has undeniably changed the industry, it means that more people can be seen, drives down overhead costs for casting professionals and more over, it means the best people can audition for roles no matter where they are in the world.

We developed Castify to react to this change and our primary aim is to make the casting process simpler. We've created a centralised platform for self-tapes where actors can easily upload and submit auditions and casting professionals can manage them.

Castify removes the strain on inboxes being flooded with large attachments, lost links to auditions and poorly titled submissions by organising each casting project and role. It guides actors through the upload process and delivers the audition as a video file that can be watched online or downloaded.